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There are many, many villas to choose from in and around Cabo but you won't find another like Villa Sombrero with it's great location, luxurious comfort and unique Mexican style! When first you see Villa Sombrero it is easy to see where the name comes from. The sweeping lines of the roof resemble the brim of a Mexican sombrero. Villa Sombrero captures the essence of Spanish colonial architecture with its arches, columns, enclosed courtyard and flat roof.

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The Sombrero Stones

We are the Stone family and we love Cabo! After recently becoming the new owners of Villa Sombrero we now think of ourselves as the Sombrero Stones!

Those Were The Days

We first started visiting Cabo San Lucas in 2004 when there were just two of us and at that time there were no plans for any additions to the family, in fact the plan was to not have any children. Our first trips to Cabo San Lucas were spent lazing all day next to the pool with a good book (this was pre-Kindle and iPad), taking long leisurely sundowner walks on the beach and then heading out to try a different restaurant each night with a post-dinner visit to Squid Roe (a standard) or one of the other bars or clubs. What’s not to love about that right?

When we first started visiting Cabo we would always stay at Hotel Finisterra on the pacific side just behind Land’s end. This is a beautiful hotel with gorgeous pools and the cool Whale Watcher bar. The best thing about Finisterra is that it is an easy walking distance into downtown Cabo, a walk we do daily on our stays. As we strolled around the Marina and headed towards Restaurant Row we would hear the constant call, “Hello Honeymooners”, from the persistent sales people trying to pedal their glass bottom boat rides or timeshare presentation. We did eventually give in and attend one of those timeshare presentations which led to the next chapter of our relationship with Cabo. We bought a Gold week in a Studio room at Fiestaamericana. Now anyone who knows anything about timeshare will know that this meant we were still clearly in the no-kids frame of mind. Gold weeks do not fit well with the school calendar and Studio rooms are best enjoyed by couples or friends and not families. We have never for a minute regretted our decision to buy points at Fiestaamericana and love every minute we spend there. The pools are fantastic, the beach is perfect and there is amazing snorkelling just knee deep into the water, the staff are all incredible and the overall vibe elegant but relaxed.

Keep on Dreamin’

On each of our trips to Cabo we would pick up the real estate rags, glossy Dream Homes Cabo magazines and Gringo Gazette on our walks into town and then pour over them back in our room. Well, honestly it was more me than Gavin. I loved looking at the beautiful homes overlooking the ocean and thinking “What if” … Each year we returned I would follow the same ritual but as the years passed it changed from just paging through to actually dog-earing the pages of homes I thought might be a distant possibility

A Brief Pause

In 2006 we missed our trip to Cabo because we had just become new parents. Cailin joined our family in March and turned our world upside down … in a good way. Yeah I know I’d said our plans were not to have children and how we got to the point of having our baby girl is a long (well, not really so long) story for another day.

We resumed our annual trips to Cabo the next year and our love of Cabo continued to grow – so much so that we found an annual trip was no longer enough and sometimes visit two or three times in a year. We bought some more Fiesta Americana points on eBay so we had enough for a one bedroom suite and each visit would stay in our favorite room overlooking the ocean and member’s pool. Fiesta Americana is a wonderful resort for young families with a range of pools and one in particular goes from one end with about an inch of water to the other ending in a deep infinity edge overlooking the beach and ocean.

As Cailin has grown we have progressed from spending our days in the shallows watching her splash and play to watching her master holding her breath and treading water. Cailin wishes she could be a mermaid and so much of her time in the pool is spent under the water perfecting her mermaid moves despite my encouraging her to try practicing her swimming strokes.

The Big Step

On every trip I continued to pour over the real estate booklets and glossy magazines still dreaming of eventually owning our own little piece of Cabo. On our most recent visit we had a few hours to kill between check out at Fiestaamericana and check-in for our flight home. On a whim I suggested we contact a local realtor and spend the few hours “just looking” at some properties to get an idea of what was out there. Needless to say the “just looking” turned into something more and we are now the proud owners of Villa Sombrero. When we first saw Villa Sombrero I was immediately drawn to the unique architectural detail and Gavin loved the huge big boulders or Sombrero Stones (yeah, I said it) outside and dotting the pool and surrounding courtyard. We both loved the fact that the house has beautiful views of the blue sea from the front rooms, terraces and the amazing deck.

On several trips we have taken friends and family along with us and have enjoyed introducing newcomers to Cabo. Without fail everyone thoroughly enjoys their stay and we are looking to sharing our new home with them and since we are not able to spend all year in Cabo we want to share it with you too – to learn more about the accommodations and availability click here – ‘The Villa’.

We’ve posted some of our favorite Cabo moments in our Flickr gallery. Have a look!


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Villa Sombrero
30 Santa Carmela Colonia
Cabo San Lucas
Carretera Transpeninsular Km 6.7.
Col. Santa Carmela
C.P 23410
Baja California Sur, Mexico


Villa Floorplan

Villa Floorplan

Splash, laze, gaze, chill, escape or snooze – Villa Sombrero has it all.

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